Capitalize on Asia's Opportunities in Life Sciences!


TokyoBy utilizing ABD Life Sciences’ experiences across Asia, even with the diverse business cultures of Northeast Asia, ADB Life Sciences will provide an “All-in-One” – a “China Hand,” a “Japan Hand” and a “Korea Hand”. Whether routine or tailor-made business requirements, ADB Life Sciences’ resources provides local knowledge along with business capabilities that bridges cross-cultural differences between the client and an Asian country.

ABD Life Sciences' networks of experienced professionals, all experts in their field, are from USA, Europe, and Asia. We have the know-how to set up, build and expand life science businesses to a level of world-class excellence. We work in virtual teams, typically with ABD Life Sciences as the lead project coordinator, bringing in other members of our network and providing specific expertise to handle a great variety of projects and challenges in Asia.

SeoulABD Life Sciences offers a firm understanding of the life science industry in Asia, from early drug discovery, to bringing in the necessary R&D tools and services, through drug/biotech development work, process development, engineering to full-scale manufacturing with associated regulatory requirements, and QA/QC requirements, and then proceed to marketing, distribution and selling of the product(s), including diagnostics, med tech, and services across the globe.

ADB Life Sciences has the resources and expertise to provide leadership, execution and to provide the client with necessary support in a variety of fields:

Business Development

ABD Life Sciences support your business with analysis, valuation, strategies, planning, deal making and much more.


Pre-Clinical & Clinical Development

ABD Life Sciences supports you get the right local and regional contacts, which have adequate resources to help you generate quality data for local, regional and/or global approval.


CMC, GMP & Regulatory

ABD Life Sciences helps you navigate local regulatory environments to get fully prepared so your products could get approved in some key Asian markets; PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.


Procurement & Outsourcing

ABD Life Sciences helps you finding suppliers and get them audited. Which CRO and CDMO should you chose and why?


Marketing & Sales

ABD Life Sciences helps you with a wide array of issues to get your local marketing efforts tuned to the different business cultures and specific requirements you have to meet to improve your impact and possible success. We could help you find local representatives, distributors and agents or set up a local office, etc.