Since its inception, ABD Life Sciences has had a consistent record of accomplishment on behalf of its clients. Below you will find some examples of our work.

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a-connect Munich, Germany 2018 – 2019

Business Development, global assessment of bioreactor & fermenter markets, projects and regulatory implications for a US HQ PE-company.


a-connect London, UK 2014-2015

Business intelligence for a MNC Pharma in the Japanese market. Mapping of public affairs stake holders in Advanced Therapies (Regenerative Medicine, CAR-T, etc.) space and conducting face-to-face interviews in Japan, resulting in a local public affairs plan as a part of a plan for EU, US & Japan. Worked together in a team of global consultants based in EU and US.


AstraZeneca Sodertalje, Sweden 2007

Global business development concerning bioprocessing, including COGS, outsourcing and procurement. Together with Mr Bo Forsberg, Forsberg Bio, previously at CMC Biologics.


Athera Biotechnologies Stockholm, Sweden 2018 & 2019

Business Development in China and Japan for a Phase II asset in CVD and Hospital Care.

The work in Japan was carried out together with Mr Johan Westblad, Aurora Partners, Tokyo.


Atlas Antibodies AB Stockholm, Sweden 2012-2013

Business development focusing on Japan and “greater” China establishing distribution net-work, marketing and sales of antibodies against human proteins for reagent use. Products are based on results from the Human Proteom Atlas (HPA) project at KTH in Stockholm and Uppsala University.


Bio-Works Uppsala, Sweden 2019 – 2021

Business and Commercial Development across Asia Pacific (India, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and New Zeeland) for a downstream bioprocess product portfolio, including assessing and negotiating distribution agreements, networking with potential customers and partners.


Complyit Stockholm, Sweden 2019

Business Development in Europe, networking and C-level connections with potential customers in drug development or Med. Tech. development.


Dilafor Stockholm, Sweden 2011-2016, 2018

Business Development in ASEAN, “greater” China, Japan and Korea, support with Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trials in ASEAN and “greater” China.

In February 2014 a licensing and development agreement was struck between Dilafor and Lee’s Pharma (with HQ in Hong Kong). ABD Life Sciences advised Dilafor locally throughout the deal-making process until closure.

Some of the regulatory work has been done together with Dr Li Barber, Sr Advisor China Business Development & Regulatory Affairs as well as Prof E K Lee in South Korea.


Elomatic Turko, Finland 2005-2006 & 2010-2011

Business development, marketing & sales of lay-out, design, engineering and validation services in Greater China, Korea & Southeast Asia. Working together with Winatech in China and GCEM in Korea.


FAO (UN) Dili, East Timor 2009-2010

Project coordination between engineering & construction partner GCEM and FAO in East Timor to design, construct, build, ship and establish a fully functional modular BSL-2 veterinary laboratory (WHO-standard) for Avian Flu monitoring in Dili. This was a first of its kind for Food & Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO). Conducted together with South Korean engineering partner GCEM.


Genovis Sweden 2007-2009, 2017-2018

Sales support, sales channels and distribution in China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore, first period for transfection reagents targeting hard to transfect cell lines, stem cells, primary cells, etc., and in the second period for antibody characterisation reagents.

Work together with Prof. Eun Kyu Lee for the South Korean market.


Gentel Hong Kong 2008-2009

Business development with the aim of entering the market of selected Southeast Asian countries for molecular diagnostic products and services. Primarily NAT of HPV, but also HBV, and STDs.


HBV Theranostica Stockholm, Sweden 2008-2013

Business development and deal-making in China and Japan out-licensing of an ELISA-based diagnostic technology to select responders to IFN-treatment in chronic HBV-patients.

HBV Theranostica is one of Karolinska Development’s earlier investments.


Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Hong Kong 2006-2008 & 2011

Business development putting together a business plan for an international bioprocessing training center at the institute together with Dr Ken Yeung, team leader for the Bioprocessing and Quality groups. Business development advisor during 2007 and 2008.

GMP gap-analysis (PIC/S) for advanced therapies (regenerative medicine) of pilot stem cell manufacturing facility in Hong Kong, at Li Ka Shing Institute for Health Science, Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese Univeristy, together with Mr Magnus Jahnsson now at Pharmadule Morimatsu (2011).


Hovione Scientia Ltd Cork, Ireland 2019

Market Assessment in China, including KOL & Patient Interviews, for a dermatology Phase II asset.

The work was carried out together with Dr Shu Xiao and the Team at B-Core Consulting in Beijing.


ImmunoForge Ltd Seoul, Korea 2018

Business Development and partnering in Europe for in-licensing of a platform technology and possible co-development of a therapy for muscular atrophies including Duchenne muscular dystrophy and polymyositis.


Immunovia AB Lund, Sweden 2020 – 2021

Business Development in Korea, including advice during Term Sheet negotiations and closing of a Licensing Agreement with JW Biosciences a subsidiary to JW Pharma a part of JW Holdings.

Prof. E K Lee provided business development support.


Japanese MNC Tokyo, Japan 2015

Business Development, strategy and business intelligence paving the way for the establishment of a new business unit in life science focusing on analysis of biological samples and in vitro diagnostics.

The work was conducted together with Mr Johan Westblad, Aurora Partners in Japan and Mr Rolf Ehrnstrom, Reomics in Sweden.


Karolinska Development Stockholm, Sweden 2009-2014

Supporting Karolinska Development and several of its portfolio companies (Aprea, Athera, BioSergen, Dilafor, HBV Theranostica, Pharmanest, Pergamum, etc.) in Asia in business development, establishing contacts, net-working, deal support, business intelligence, due diligence, etc.

Karolinska Development is a Stockholm-based seed financing, investment and management company bringing carefully selected and nurtured academic innovations to commercialisation. From more than 1.500 reviewed innovations and over 60 start-up companies created have brought a large number of projects into clinical trials phase I, II and POC in man.

ABD Life Sciences’ work has been focused on targeting leading pharma companies in China, Japan and South Korea for out-licensing of drug candidates in pre-clinical, Phase I or II. This involved arranging road-shows in Japan 2009, 2010 and 2011, as well as attending various conferences and meetings in China, Japan and South Korea 2010 – 2013.


KLIFO Copenhagen, Denmark 2013-2018

Business Development work in China to establish KLIFO, a Danish Drug Development Consulting Company with regulatory affairs, clinical trial (Phase I-IV), clinical trial supply and drug development consulting services, as an enabler for Chinese companies to get their generic, pharmaceutical, biologic, biosimilar and/or med tech products approvable and ultimately approved and reimbursed in the various markets in EU. The initial work during 2013-2014 was together with Dr Steve Porter, Dragon Bio-consultants, while Mr. Bill Porter has continued to provide administrative support during 2015. ABD has also been working together in China with both foreign and local engineering, regulatory and clinical research companies. The first deal was signed in 2014.

In 2015 similar business development work has been initiated in Japan, where ABD works together with Mr. Johan Westblad,  Aurora Partners in Tokyo. 


Mainland Chinese Biopharma inland China 2016

On site GMP-audit of insulin and insulin analogue production site in accordance with PIC/S, EMA and USFDA GMPs.

This work was done together with Mr Magnus Jahnsson, then at Pharmadule Morimatsu.


Mainland Chinese Cell Therapy “Greater” China 2016

GMP gap-analysis, advice and support in developing Validation Master Plan (VMP), IQ/OQ procedures, Receipt Verification (RV), SOPs, URS, etc. meetings PIC/S, CFDA, HKDH, EMA and USFDA GMPs as well as at least BSL-2 compliance.

This work was done together with Mr Magnus Jahnsson and the team at Pharmadule Morimatsu.


Miacom Diagnostics Germany 2016-17

Business Development and cross-cultural communications in China.

Price & Reimbursement in China and CFDA (now NMPA) Regulatory Affairs review together with Dr Li Barber, Sr Advisor China Business Development & Regulatory Affairs, in Beijing.


Moberg Pharma Sweden 2015 & 2017

Regulatory and Business Development support in South Korea & China.


Nycomed (now Takeda) Konstanz, Germany 2010-2011



Oncopeptides Stockholm, Sweden 2010-2017

Global Business Development, first only focusing on Japan, from 2011 also including China and Korea, and from 2012 globally.

Oncopeptides was in clinical development of a peptidase potentiated  therapy, melflufen, indicated for relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma. The clinical trials were conducted at seven sites in Europe and US. It had First-in-Class  potential and were supported by Health Cap and Industrifonden as lead investors raising > EUR16.5 during the time period. Karolinska Development was an earlier investor, and replaced by Health Cap in 2011.


PALL Life Sciences Asia Pacific 2005-2007, 2009

Business development, marketing & sales support, including bioprocess trouble shooting at customer’s sites in India, China, Taiwan, South Korea and elsewhere in the region, as well as internal bioprocess training across Asia for the biopharma division.

Lecturing in Malaysia (2009).


PCI Biotech, Oslo, Norway 2019 – 2022

Business Development in Japan and Korea seeking partners for co-development, collaboration and out-licensing. Negotiation and closing of Material Transfer Agreement with OliX Pharmaceuticals Inc. in Korea as well as CDAs with both Japanese and Korean companies. 

Team work with Mr Johan Westblad, Aurora Partners, and Mr Hideki Aida, JCRO, both in Tokyo and Prof. E K Lee in Seoul.


SGS Hong Kong 2008

In-house GMP-training of inspectors and auditors in China together with Ms Linda Ambrose, Ambrose Consulting.


Swedish SME in Biotech & Generics Stockholm 2016

Regulatory advice regarding CFDA (now NMPA) and partnering in mainland China.

This work was done together with Dr Li Barber, Sr Advisor China Business Development & Regulatory Affairs in Beijing.


Swedish SME in Consumer Health Stockholm 2015

Regulatory advice regarding CFDA (now NMPA) and Chinese Ministry of Health regulations as well as Chinese Customs for importation of health and medical products to China.

This work was done together with Dr Li Barber, Sr Advisor China Business Development & Regulatory Affairs, in Beijing.


Swedish SME in Medical Devices & Consumer Health Stockholm, Sweden 2015

Business Development and Regulatory Affairs in mainland China.

The work was conducted together with Dr Li Barber, Sr Advisor China Business Development & Regulatory Affairs, in Beijing.


University College London (UCL) London, UK 2004-2012

Senior visiting lecturer in the MBI-training program for Bioprocess Engineering designed for M.Sc.- and Ph.D students as well as individuals attending from industry as a part of a post-graduate program. Involved in both in the facility design (discussing modular facilities, containment, stainless steel Vs disposable equipment, QbD, PAT, etc) and downstream processing, focusing on chromatography. including a 4 hour work-shop (mAb purification) together with Mr Bo Forsberg, then at CMC Biologics.


US-based biopharma operation 2014

Business Development in China providing comparison of domestic mAb-manufacturers, including on-site audit of one production facility at Hisun Biologics.


Wisdom Assets Holding Group (WAHG) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2009-2010

Performing feasibility studies for possible establishment of CRO & CMO services as well as nanotechnology in the planned Shijir International Science City, Boroo Valley 150km north of Ulaanbataar. Working together with Dr Gabriel Halát, as well as other specialists in ABD’s network.


WNT Research Malmo, Sweden 2017 – 2018

Feasibility study Japan of a clinical stage oncology asset with market and regulatory assessments.

The work was carried out together with Mr Johan Westblad at Aurora Partners in Tokyo.