Mr Otto Skolling

Founder, Pharmor AB, an independent consultant company established in 2015.


Otto has 30 years experience from the pharma and medical device industry. He has been working with operations, business and product development at MNC:s such as Novozymes, Pharmacia & UpJohn (now Pfizer) and Siemens Life Support Systems. While during the last 15 years he has been on the investment side helping to raise funds, nurturing innovative start-ups until they are ready and able for licensing and collaboration deals from either in the BD-function or at a board of directors position representing Karolinska Development in various portfolio companies such as Athera, NeoDynamics, Umecrine, Umecrine Mood now Asarina, Xspray and OssDsign. Otto also acts as Head of Business Development for several Scandinavian Biotech SMEs among them Nanexa, in Sweden.

Otto has a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.