Dr Xiao Shu

Partner, co-founder and Head of Medical Investment, Ascendin Fund, Beijing, China http://www.ascendinfund.com

Dr Shu has a strategic thinking for global healthcare industry and a keen judgement for new biomedical technologies and products worldwide. He has previously served as the financial advisor and Chief Investment Officer of Chengdu Jinkai Biotech Co. Ltd, co-founder and deputy General Manager of Ketai Medical Device Co, Business Development Manager at Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd and Sr Bus. Dev. Advisor to Salubris Co Ltd.

Dr Shu has led and closed numerous equity investment deals including Medbanks, Oriengene Biotech, Leo Medical, Burning Rock, etc., He has expertise and a lot of experience in investment and financing, project management, business development, management consulting and capital operations built upon a deep understanding for medical needs, therapeutic practices, regulatory requirements and real market conditions in China.

He has successfully supported several public listed pharmaceutical and Med. Tech. companies with their R&D strategy and pipeline development.

Dr Shu got his Ph.D. in metabolic Biology at University of California at Berkley and has a B.Sc. from Tsinghua University.