Capitalize on Asia's Opportunities in Life Sciences!

Commercialisation in China, Japan & Korea - Myths, Misconceptions and Possibilities

2017-11-09, One Nucleus, Cambridge, UK

The presentations will include:

  • Intercultural Communications:  Understanding the differences, and where they exist the similarities, in business practices, decision making and business behaviours.
  • Strategy development: the importance of understanding the differences between the UK and Far Eastern markets and how for example the fast-evolving regulatory reforms in China are impacting
  • The Regulatory environment the opportunities for UK Companies
  • Price and Reimbursement: what prices are acceptable and how many could actually afford to pay
  • Clinical Trials: the opportunities provided by large populations
  • Partnering: doing road shows and conducting due diligence
  • Local Manufacturing:
  • Process: Getting your company prepared to do business in the Far East and the adaptations you might need to do to be better positioned for business opportunities in the Far East
  • Managing expectations: Success requires a long-term vision, stakeholder commitment and patience